Online Tournament and League Scheduling

Team Restrictions

Setup team restrictiosn to get the exact schedule you want. We offer the following team restrictions.

  • Teams who can't play at the same time
  • Teams can't play at a certain date and/or time
  • Teams can only play at a certain venue/court


Generate schedules in a matter of seconds, or do it manually by dragging and dropping games to the correct venue location, date, and time.


The scheduler offers a number of options to fine tune the automation of the schedule. Schedule options include the following:

  • Game time
  • Balancing away/home positions
  • Time in between games for each participant
  • Games per rolling day period (NCAA Certified events)
  • Maximum games per day

Conflict Checker

Validate your schedule for errors or incorrect ordering. We catch everything and work with your scheduling settings to find any error possible. The validation also takes into account team restrictions.


Once schedules are finalized they can be accessed under the documents section on the event website. This document can be downloaded or printed and comes in a number of different layouts. Since the document is a PDF the print out is very clear and readable.

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